Solution Manual for Families as They Really Are 2nd Edition Risman

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Solution Manual for Families as They Really Are 2nd Edition Barbara J. Risman,Virginia Rutter, ISBN: 9780393937671



Solution Manual for Families as They Really Are 2nd Edition Risman

Solution Manual for Families as They Really Are 2nd Edition Barbara J. Risman,Virginia Rutter, ISBN: 9780393937671

Table of Contents

**new to Second Edition
*revised from First Edition

Part One: How We Know What We Know about Families
*Barbara J. Risman and Virginia E. Rutter: Springing Forward from the Past: An Introduction
Andrew J. Cherlin: One Thousand and Forty-Nine Reasons Why It’s Hard to Know When a Fact Is a Fact
Philip A. Cowan: When Is a Relationship between Facts a Causal One?
Linda Burton: Uncovering Hidden Facts that Matter in Interpreting Individuals’ Behaviors: An Ethnographic Lens
**CCF Brief: Anthony Mancini and George A. Bonanno: The Trouble with Averages: The Impact of Major Life Events and Acute Stress May Not Be What You Think
**In the News: “When Numbers Mislead,” by Stephanie Coontz (New York Times)

Part Two: How We Got Here
Stephanie Coontz: The Evolution of American Families
Steven Mintz: American Childhood as a Social and Cultural Construct
In the News: “A ‘Golden Age’ of Childhood?” by Steven Mintz (Christian Science Monitor)
**CCF Brief: Susan Matt: Homesick Kids and Helicopter Parents: Are Today’s Young Adults Too Emotionally Dependent on Parents?
Donna L. Franklin: African Americans and the Birth of the Modern Marriage
**Brian Powell, Catherine Bolzendahl, Claudia Geist, and Lala Carr Steelman: Changing Counts, Counting Change: Americans’ Movement toward a More Inclusive Definition of Family
**In Other Words: “FAFSA Form Will Now Recognize College Students’ Same-Sex Parents,” by Crosby Burns (ThinkProgress)
Kerry Ann Rockquemore and Loren Henderson: Interracial Families in Post-Civil Rights America
**CCF Brief: Kimberlyn Fong: Changes in Interracial Marriage

Part Three: The Diversity of American Families Today
*Karen Struening: Families “In Law” and Families “In Practice”: Does the Law Recognize Families as They Really Are?
**Amy Blackstone and Amy Greenleaf: Childfree Families
**CCF Facts: Eric Klinenberg, Stacy Torres, and Elena Portacolone: Aging Alone in America
**In the News: “Loneliness and Race in the Twilight Years,” by Elahe Izadi (DCentric)
*Pamela J. Smock and Wendy Manning: New Couples, New Families: The Cohabitation Revolution in the United States
**CCF Brief: Arielle Kuperberg: Does Premarital Cohabitation Raise Your Risk of Divorce?
**Amy Brainer: Growing Up with a Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual Sibling
**CCF Symposium: Why Interracial Marriage Is Good for Black Women
**In the News: “Stanford Law Professor Argues Black Women Should Cross Race Barrier for Marriage Partners,” by Lisa M. Krieger (San Jose Mercury News)
**In Other Words: “Interracial Marriages and the Meaning of Multiraciality,” by Jennifer Lee (Sociological Images)
**In Other Words: “The Coolest Thing About Online Dating Sites,” by Jenny Davis (Cyborgology)
**Shannon Davis and Brittany Owen: Life in a Dual-Earner Couple Before, During, and After the Great Recession
*Robert-Jay Green: From Outlaws to In-Laws: Gay and Lesbian Couples in Contemporary Society
**In Other Words: “Some States See Fight for Right to Same-Sex Divorce,” by Holbrook Mohr and David Crary (Associated Press)
Mignon R. Moore: Independent Women: Equality in African American Lesbian Relationships

Part Four: Intimacy in the Twenty-First Century
Pepper Schwartz: Why Is Everyone Afraid of Sex?
**Adina Nack: First Comes Love, then Comes Herpes: Sexual Health and Relationships
**CCF Facts: Adina Nack: Valentine’s Day Fact Sheet on Sexual Health
**In Other Words: “Can We Have the HPV Vaccine Without the Sexism and the Homophobia?” by Adina Nack (Ms. magazine blog)
Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Paula England, and Alison C.K. Fogarty: Orgasm in College Hookups and Relationships
**In Other Words: “Hooking Up as College Culture,” by Rachel Allison (Gender & Society Blog)
**In Other Words: “Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex and Housework but Were Too Busy to Ask,” by Brigid Schulte (Washington Post)

Part Five: Marriage and Divorce: Does Policy Matter?
**Orit Avishai, Melanie Health, Jennifer Randles: The Marriage Movement
In the News: “How to Stay Married,” by Stephanie Coontz (Times of London)
**CCF Brief: Kristi Williams: Promoting Marriage among Single Mothers: An Ineffective Weapon in the War on Poverty?
**In the News: “No, Marriage Is Not a Good Way to Fight Poverty,” by Bryce Covert (ThinkProgress)
Virginia E. Rutter: The Case for Divorce
In the News: “The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Divorce,” by Cheryl Wetzstein (Washington Times)
**In Other Words: “Silver Linings Divorce Trend,” by Philip Cohen (FamilyInequality)
**Marilyn Coleman and Lawrence Ganong: Stepfamilies as They Really Are: Neither Cinderella nor the Brady Bunch
*Philip A. Cowan and Carolyn Pape Cowan: Beyond Family Structure: Family Process Studies Help to Reframe Debates about What’s Good for Children
**CCF Brief: Philip Cohen: Was the War on Poverty a Failure? Or Are Anti-Poverty Efforts Swimming Simply Against a Stronger Tide?

Part Six: A Generational Dance: How Parents and Kids Relate
Joshua Coleman: Parenting Adult Children in the Twenty-First Century
**In the News: “Lean Times Force Many Bay Area ‘Boomerang Kids’ to Return Home as Adults,” by Hannah Dreier and Paul Burgarino (San Jose Mercury News)
**CCF Brief: Elizabeth Gregory: Myths of Later Motherhood
**In the News: “Number of Older Women Having Babies Continues to Grow,” by Lois M. Collins (Deseret News)
**Lorena Garcia: “This Is Your Job Now”: Latina Mothers and Daughters and Family Work
**Pamela Quiroz: Adoptive Parents Raising Neoethnics
**Georgiann Davis: Parents as Pawns: Intersex, Medical Experts, and Questionable Consent
**In the News: Op-Ed: “Hey Fox News, Intersex Is Not a Punchline,” by Sean Saifa Wall and Georgiann Davis (
**Raine Dozier: The Power of Queer: How “Guy Moms” Challenge Heteronormative Assumptions about Mothering and Family
**In Other Words: “Dress Shopping and Gender Bending: Why I’m Wearing a Suit and a Veil,” by Ashir Leah KaneRisman (The Offbeat Bride)
**In Other Words: “Class and Race Demographics of LGBT Families,” by Lisa Wade (Sociological Images)

Part Seven: Unequal Lives: Families Across Economic and Citizenship Divides
Etiony Aldarondo and Edward Ameen: The Immigration Kaleidoscope: Knowing the Immigrant Family Next Door
In the News: “The Picture-Perfect American Family? These Days It Doesn’t Exist,” by Andrew J. Cherlin (Washington Post)
**Pallavi Banerjee: When Men Stay Home: Household Labor in Female-Led Indian Migrant Families
**In the News: “An Immigrant Wife’s Place? In the Home, According to Visa Policy,” by Pallavi Banerjee (Ms. magazine blog)
Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr.: Diverging Development: The Not-So-Invisible Hand of Social Class in the United States
CCF Brief: Annette Lareau: Unequal Childhoods: Inequalities and the Rhythms of Daily Life
Kevin Roy and Natasha Cabrera: Not Just Provide and Reside: Engaged Fathers in Low-Income Families
**In Other Words: “More Similarities than Differences in Study of Race and Fatherhood,” by Lisa Wade (Sociological Images)
**Bryan L. Sykes and Becky Pettit: Mass Incarceration and Family Life
**In Other Words: “Doing Time = Doing Gender,” by Virginia E. Rutter (Girl w/ Pen)

Part Eight: Unfinished Gender Revolution
Barbara J. Risman and Elizabeth Seale: Betwixt and Be Tween: Gender Contradictions Among Middle Schoolers
Kathleen Gerson: Falling Back on Plan B: The Children of the Gender Revolution Face Uncharged Territory
**CCF Facts: Jonathan Bearak and Paula England: Women’s Education and Their Likelihood of Marriage: A Historic Reversal
**In the News: “Women Say ‘I do’ to Education, then Marriage,” by Leslie Mann (Chicago Tribune)
*Oriel Sullivan: Men’s Changing Contribution to Family Work
**In the News: “It’s Not Just Us: Women Around the World Do More Housework and Have Less Free Time,” by Bryce Covert (ThinkProgress)
**Kristen Myers and Ilana Demantas: Being “The Man” Without Having a Job and/or Providing Care Instead of “Bread”
**CCF Symposium: Equal Pay Symposium: Fifty Years Since the Equal Pay Act of 1963
**In the News: “Yes, I’ve Folded Up My Masculine Mystique, Honey,” by Stephanie Coontz (The Sunday Times of London)
**In Other Words: “Still a Man’s World,” by Philip Cohen (Boston Review)